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Meet Caryn Summers

Caryn Summers, R.N., is a Wildcrafter and lover of the natural way, and work in a cottage kitchen near Reno, Nevada.

Caryn’s motto, Created from the Earth, Powered by the Sun, shows her commitment to sustainability and their love of nature.

She blends her knowledge of botanicals, health, and science with a unique talent to use garden herbs, wild botanicals, pure essential oils and other organic ingredients to create pure and healthy products.Caryn Summers, RN, was formally a manager in several emergency departments across California and Utah.

Her career as a hospital nurse abruptly ended when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Having an ongoing love of nature and an interest in organic foods and holistic healing, she began to research and develop natural skin care products and soaps with health promoting ingredients.

The products caught on with her family, and friends; Caryn made Creekside Products for 8 years in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the spring of 2012, Caryn moved to Northern California , and then to Reno, where she continues her work as a Wildcrafter and Creator of pure and organic body products!